Welcome to the Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation

‘Chanel-lee’s greatest asset was her smile. Her smile represented fulfillment in various areas of her life’ –Deborah Lee (Mother)

The Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation was established to honour and celebrate the life and memory of Chanel-Lee Easy, who passed away on 2nd October 2011 at just 16 years old.

On the night of her passing, Chanel-Lee made notes about fundraising ideas to launch a community initiative involving young people. In her final hours, her thoughts were occupied with developing local talent.

The Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation endeavours to honour Chanel’s final wishes through a variety of projects and initiatives, mostly written and created by Chanel Lee herself. The Foundation will work to promote Chanel-Lee’s vision by setting out a clear mission statement for growth.

This blog site will share information on how the foundation will run, publish tributes and memories from friends and relatives and host regular updates on community projects and events hosted by the foundation.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Always Love You Chanel Lee, Missing You too. I’m here as always to Support you and your Mom in your Passions, Dreams, Ambitions and Development of Others. You continue to make me so proud of you Chanel.

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