Chanel-Lee was an inspirational, motivated respectful, mature, and successful young woman.

– Naomi Parchment

She was someone that whenever you spoke to her she would always find out if everything is okay with you she would always be happy even when she is sad.

– Nathaniel Hazel

A nice, kind considerable girl with a lovely personality and a BIG smile.

-Rebecca Campbell

Beautiful inside and out

– Rosalie Rowe

A beautiful, talented, joyful girl, who impacted the lives of a lot of people and made everyone smile with the things she came out with.

– Rhianne Brown

“Chanel was a valued member of the Highclare family who we had the pleasure to teach until she left us this year to join the sixth form at The Arthur Terry School. Chanel will be remembered by all who knew and loved her for her wonderful smile and infectious laughter. She brought the blessings of kindness and happiness to all who had the privilege of knowing her and she will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.”

– Mrs M Viles-Head of Highclare School.


Remembering Chanel – Chimango Kankwamba

My abbreviation for her name – Chanel


You couldn’t tell her the sky’s the limit when there’s footprints on the moon
Our very own guardian angel taken away too soon
We look back at your life and all the memories we had
We can say with confidence Chanel-Lee Chante Easy you definitely turned out to be the best thing we ever had.

I just want to say Chanel was one of the most inspirational people I have ever come across in my life; I remember the first time I met her at BCC (Birmingham Christian Centre) we just became friends instantly. Words can’t describe how supportive and amazing Chanel was to me because there were so many times when I felt like giving up and Chanel would speak words of encouragement over me and my situation.

When I first told Chanel I was writing a book she was like no way and she supported me so much, we talked about book releases ect and how she would perform; she was there for me every step of the way and when I told her I’d finished she couldn’t believe it I remember her text it was the most uplifting text I had ever got from anyone, I just looked at it and cried.

She helped me through everything, family issues, boy troubles, book troubles everything; she was never judgmental or not willing to sit and listen to me go on and on about my troubles before putting my in check, our birthdays 9 days apart. Even though I was older Chanel had a head of wisdom on her and her advice was amazing. She talked to me about setting up her community projects and I supported her in the same way that she supported me – there was a skype conversation where she told me I inspired her I told her to stop being silly because she inspired me then her reply was “Chimango shut ya noise you have so much life inside of ya, look at ya you’ve done all this stuff with restoration, Guvna b and them lot … u inspire me end of.”

Chanel was one of those people who just reeked of passion to help others, you saw it in her eyes and in the way she lived life and as part of the Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation myself and a friend Ophelia Charles have sought out £11,000 funding to help start these community projects off.

Chanel, I love you and miss you daily and the dream of publishing the book is coming true… thanks for being who you are and I WILL NEVER forget the girl who constantly told me to shut up and embrace my talents.

Remembering Chanel – Tia Perkins (Friend)

I’ve only known Chanel a couple of months but I feel as if I’ve known her at least a year but no matter how long I knew Chan she still had such a big impact on my life. I was introduced to Chanel through Hannah and I’m really grateful for that, because when I met Chanel I felt as if I gained a sister although it was a short space of time I knew her, we still spoke on a regular basis from phones calls to texts to our late skype calls.

Chanel always gave me advice and was there for me as soon as she was needed by me.
I felt as if I could talk to Chanel about anything and she would openly listen.

When I heard about Chanel passing I struggled to find it realistic as she was so perfect and didn’t deserve to go at such at young age.
It hurts me every time I think of you Chan all the memories just come rushing back to me and tears begin to flow.
I wish I spent more time with you and came to Sunday School that time you literally begged me to come and I said no because I cant sing and you we’re trying to convince me to come but I just wasn’t having it- I wish I came.

Chanel has left a huge impact on me and made me realise a lot of things without her being here. Through the couple months we spoke, we shared really funny memories on skype- when Chan would be on webcam eating pot noodles and making me laugh. I feel as if a piece of me is missing up until this day I miss you so much Chan, I keep drafting up a text to send you and just before I press send I remember you are no longer with us so I have to erase it and it hurts knowing I cant get a reply not matter how many times I write on your facebook wall; it hurts knowing I will never get any more advice from you; it hurts knowing I will never hear your infectious laugh again; it hurts knowing I will never see that beautiful smile that you always had on your face no matter what you was going through or how you felt.

Basically everything to do with you just hurts but I am comforted by the thought that we will meet again soon.
You’re mum is doing so well and she’s receiving a lot of support.
You’re always going to be on my mind my Beautiful Chanel Lee as I keep saying Angel Of Mine.
There was nobody greater than you Chan no matter how hard I search there is nobody.
I’ll always love you.
Im so glad we got some memories in although it was a short space of time i knew you.

Rip Baby Girl I love you
2/10/11 – The day you went, the day that my life changed.

Remembering Chanel – Daniel J. Blyden (Family Friend)

Who would have known that we would only be blessed with the life of this beautiful girl for such a short time? Never take anything for granted.

I was probably only about 7 or 8 when my grandmother used to babysit little Chanel in her early years and for the most part of my life, I remembered her as the lil girl who firstly, would cry for at least the first half an hour when mommy and daddy left her with us for the day – she could only be consoled by my either my grandma or my younger sister who would play with her. Secondly, she never did manage to finish her dinner but she was cute all the same.

I think it was around the time that she was old enough to go to school that we didn’t see very much of Chanel any more, but I know that our family loved her from a distance and then she grew up into the fabulous young girl that you see in the photos. I would see her on the odd occasion at Christian music events such as GL Live and others, and could see that she grown up into a very sociable, happy girl – it gave me a slight sense of pride.

It was a few more months down the line that I would hear that she had passed away.

Major shock!

There are many things in life that don’t make sense, many things I have experienced in my 23 years on this earth and this is up there with the top of the tops. God alone knows and understands.

It was only when I attended the funeral that I found out about Chanel’s career ambitions and goals to discover some of her aspirations reminded me of my own, especially being an entrepreneur myself. For these reasons I was moved to help support the development of the Chanel Lee Smile Foundation.

Chanel Lee’s dreams will not go in vain, this charity is being set up to preserve her legacy and serve the community in ways not seen before so watch this space.

Rest in Peace Chanel-Lee Easy – Till We Meet Again.

 4And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

– Rev 21:4

Remembering Chanel – Poem by Chimango Kankwamba


More than just an ordinary human she was the greatest
Brightest star in the constellation
Her laugh and smile never lost in translation. That’s no word of a lie

See she was not just a friend more like blood relation
Close to my heart no segregation
She aimed for the stars


She was moving on up … I guess you could say like positive correlation
Beacon of beauty – God’s creation
She had a voice of an angel – true sensation
The brightest star around – my motivation
She was your number one fan – no condemnation
She had her heart set on her future – true dedication

Her beauty astounding
Her elegance and grace truly compounding
My memories of you will forever remain
My life forever changed by our sleeping beauty

A red rose by character that’s my illustration
She served, she was humble, smart and witty – my aspiration
Dreaming of a family of her own, a husband a home

More than just a friend, She was a daughter
Her personality so refreshing like a drink of water
Love and happiness flowed through her veins
Now that you’re gone things will never be the same
Come hell or high water
You’d find her at the alter blowing the devil out of the water
With her 2 foot skank

A heart of praise and worship
A driven girl, mind of entrepreneurship
What you have to understand is the legacy
The legacy of a girl who changed the lives of so many
Spitting her bars like say your not ready
Living a day without you hurts so much already
When I look back at the picture I have
You looked so beautiful and peaceful like a dove
We embarked on the journey called life together

As I look up in the sky in fascination
I see the most beautiful figuration
There will never be a suitable explanation
Of how much you meant to us.

*image of the yellow quill taken from