Remembering Chanel – Poem by Chimango Kankwamba


More than just an ordinary human she was the greatest
Brightest star in the constellation
Her laugh and smile never lost in translation. That’s no word of a lie

See she was not just a friend more like blood relation
Close to my heart no segregation
She aimed for the stars


She was moving on up … I guess you could say like positive correlation
Beacon of beauty – God’s creation
She had a voice of an angel – true sensation
The brightest star around – my motivation
She was your number one fan – no condemnation
She had her heart set on her future – true dedication

Her beauty astounding
Her elegance and grace truly compounding
My memories of you will forever remain
My life forever changed by our sleeping beauty

A red rose by character that’s my illustration
She served, she was humble, smart and witty – my aspiration
Dreaming of a family of her own, a husband a home

More than just a friend, She was a daughter
Her personality so refreshing like a drink of water
Love and happiness flowed through her veins
Now that you’re gone things will never be the same
Come hell or high water
You’d find her at the alter blowing the devil out of the water
With her 2 foot skank

A heart of praise and worship
A driven girl, mind of entrepreneurship
What you have to understand is the legacy
The legacy of a girl who changed the lives of so many
Spitting her bars like say your not ready
Living a day without you hurts so much already
When I look back at the picture I have
You looked so beautiful and peaceful like a dove
We embarked on the journey called life together

As I look up in the sky in fascination
I see the most beautiful figuration
There will never be a suitable explanation
Of how much you meant to us.

*image of the yellow quill taken from


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