Remembering Chanel – Tia Perkins (Friend)

I’ve only known Chanel a couple of months but I feel as if I’ve known her at least a year but no matter how long I knew Chan she still had such a big impact on my life. I was introduced to Chanel through Hannah and I’m really grateful for that, because when I met Chanel I felt as if I gained a sister although it was a short space of time I knew her, we still spoke on a regular basis from phones calls to texts to our late skype calls.

Chanel always gave me advice and was there for me as soon as she was needed by me.
I felt as if I could talk to Chanel about anything and she would openly listen.

When I heard about Chanel passing I struggled to find it realistic as she was so perfect and didn’t deserve to go at such at young age.
It hurts me every time I think of you Chan all the memories just come rushing back to me and tears begin to flow.
I wish I spent more time with you and came to Sunday School that time you literally begged me to come and I said no because I cant sing and you we’re trying to convince me to come but I just wasn’t having it- I wish I came.

Chanel has left a huge impact on me and made me realise a lot of things without her being here. Through the couple months we spoke, we shared really funny memories on skype- when Chan would be on webcam eating pot noodles and making me laugh. I feel as if a piece of me is missing up until this day I miss you so much Chan, I keep drafting up a text to send you and just before I press send I remember you are no longer with us so I have to erase it and it hurts knowing I cant get a reply not matter how many times I write on your facebook wall; it hurts knowing I will never get any more advice from you; it hurts knowing I will never hear your infectious laugh again; it hurts knowing I will never see that beautiful smile that you always had on your face no matter what you was going through or how you felt.

Basically everything to do with you just hurts but I am comforted by the thought that we will meet again soon.
You’re mum is doing so well and she’s receiving a lot of support.
You’re always going to be on my mind my Beautiful Chanel Lee as I keep saying Angel Of Mine.
There was nobody greater than you Chan no matter how hard I search there is nobody.
I’ll always love you.
Im so glad we got some memories in although it was a short space of time i knew you.

Rip Baby Girl I love you
2/10/11 – The day you went, the day that my life changed.


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