Remembering Chanel – Amanda Hemmings

The strength of Chanel’s smile will continue to linger everlastingly through a legacy that seeks to ignite the lives of youths and all who view their visions behind their budding potential.

Her beautiful hands bloom brightly with the gift of releasing fragrances of freedom that will build self-esteem, uproot pain and break down doubt within the minds prison.

The freedom of this empress’s dream falls in clusters of golden rain for all fighting to catch their dreams when it seems their lives are falling between the seams.

She shines showers of light and ladders of hope through creating opportunities through using creativity.

Her heartbeat beats her musical talent passed on like a baton as a present for others to be singing lyrics that loosen negativity and surface the reflectivity of the gifting that goes beyond the song sheet to showcasing a stronger personality prepared with the monitoring of role-models preciously overlapping each ribbon in rhythm.

Chanel drops peals in the ocean of tears of those trying to travel through tempestuous waves, waiting for a raft that will bring sound to their deafening silence.

She reaches towards a waterfall of rich communication and the unity of the community to cohesively pull together in harmony.

The strength of Chanel’s smile will continue to linger everlastingly as a force of marvellous electricity to be generated from generation to generation.

Dear Chanel,

Thank you for sharing your vision. It reflects your beauty, unselfish nature and love towards others.

Your Mum is so proud of everything you achieved and everything your vision will achieve through this foundation.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful smile with the world.


Amanda x

Birmingham based Professional Poet- Amanda Hemmings is an Artist that has helped develop various community sectors, businesses, groups and individuals.

As a Creative Practitioner she provides poetry & lyric writing workshops for children and young people, which have been recognised by schools and youth organisations as a tool to help build self-esteem, confidence and writing skills.

The performances and workshops expand to a variety of events and venues, some of which previously include BBC Radio, National Poetry Day, Black History Month, awareness campaigns, libraries and art centres. It further includes an event managed and hosted at Starbucks coffee branches, which showcases upcoming and established Artists.

Amanda Hemmings provides customised poetry for a wide range of businesses and occasions.

For further information contact


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