Remembering Chanel – By Zeina Russell

‘We all die; the goal isn’t to live forever, but to create something that will’ –Zeina Russell

One the night before Chanel’s passing we spoke about how we could make Christmas even more special and how our families were the most important thing in our life and that we aimed to make them happy in all we did.

We were always together, always making people laugh, always singing and writing songs. We would always laugh and share our dreams of launching the ‘Zee & Cee Talk Show’. We would have open debates on which one of us would get our cars first. Chanel always made jokes about buying her White Range Rover, and I would always reply ‘Do you have Range Rover money?’. We spoke about, how we would go gym, tone up and look HOT for summer 2012, so that we could go on holiday.

At the age of 16 Chanel, was already brainstorming ideas about setting up her own business. Some of our joint plans, included setting up concerts, we also spoke about mentoring youth and inspiring them in whatever career plan they had or dreamed of. Every Sunday we would meet at Nans and talk about how we wanted these business ideas to benefit people’s lives, and also how we could impact the youth of today to be able to see education as a ‘stepping stone to success’ and not just a ‘prison like social ground’.

Chanel’s dreams were to inspire those of any age group, but most importantly to encourage others to be themselves and never change!

Chanel meant the world to me as we both use to call each other sisters. We shared the same interests and always spoke about what we dreamed of being in the future, I would help her whenever she needed it, or just be there to listen and she would always do the same for me. Sometimes I would just listen to her debate with me, and although I thought I was the best she would always prove me wrong! She was determined and passionate about succeeding in her life, and wanted everyone that was important to her to understand her aims and future goals. Chanel had the gift of uplifting everyone she met, the smile she carried was one she would always be wearing, and no matter what her situation she still encouraged others.

Although Cee thought I was stubborn, I can admit she encouraged me to do all the things I am working towards now. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that she’s actually gone, as she was a big part of me, we were like Kenan & Kel. Sometimes I pray for you to come back, I know I shouldn’t as only God knows why he has taken you!

P.S – show all the other angels how it’s done Cee, sing me proud!

I miss you so much, thank-you for your patience, thank-you for inspiring me,

My life will never be the same again; I will do everything I can to make you proud!

Give Granddad a kiss for me.

My beautiful sister was truly an Angel; she impacted many and inspired everyone she met.

Chanel- lee was known for her smile, caring spirit, and kind heart.

Your sis,

Zee ♥


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