Remembering Chanel – Jhanee Wilkins


Where to start…I’ve known Chanel all my life, I grew up with her and we did practically everything together. We’ve spent tonnes of time with each other. Throughout our lives, I would actually say Chanel had a big hand in raising me, teaching me never to give up and that you can achieve anything with the help of God. Chanel was very positive and so sweet, she always kept me going when I didn’t want to.

She would make me laugh and smile and I’m proud to say that some of the most happiest moments of my life have been with Chanel and our Families. She always had ambition and thrived in everything she did Instruments, Dancing, School work she pushed herself and knew that she could get what she wanted with hard work.

I believe that the Chanel -Lee Smile Foundation will be of great aid to people, Bringing communities closer, helping people with their confidence and providing facilities to achieve their hopes and dreams. It will help our generation to understand that there is hope and we can be light in a dark place. We can all be like Chanel; the best we can possibly be.

-Jhanee Wilkins


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