Remembering Hunny Bun Chan – Talisha Cree Johnson

You know what Chan; you taught me a valuable lesson in life… “Never presume that there will always be a ‘next time’ in order for you to tell somebody something, always say what’s imprinted on your heart and engrained on your mind when you are given the opportunity!”

*She Sighs*

I remember when I heard the news and every inch of life in my body shattered to broken pieces of despair, agony and pain. Have you ever felt your heart hurt? Mine did. I promised myself I wouldn’t question God about it, but honestly sometimes I couldn’t help but contemplate ‘Why do the good always die so young?”

For me you were the exemplar representation of a young female who was destined for greatness! Its young girls like you who should have been broadcasted about in every media platform in order to show other young girls in society the true meaning of beauty. It’s a young lady like you who will be used today as a positive role-model amongst our generation to demonstrate that being beautiful is not just about your physical appearance alone; you portrayed something far greater and deep-rooted, which is inner beauty.

You were one of the most beautiful young ladies I had ever come across; you were a self-respecting person, full of grace, virtuosity, integrity and high moral standards of excellence! Mark my words, I believe your life will make history and your legacy will always live on.

What can I say? The time I knew you, was worth it! The first time I met you, you kept banging on at me about the fact that your Mom has known my Mom for years. To be honest at first I assumed you were barking mad! No not really, I take that back lol! But I didn’t have a clue what you were babbling on about…eventually we pieced the jig-saw puzzle together. Turns out my Mom and Dad knew you from day dot…small world?

Every time I saw you, you were always complementing my crazy, colourful dress sense and I quote ‘Ooh you look nice! Your kind-hearted nature made me feel good about myself, and I loved you for that! I remember our last proper conversation was at an event last year during August, the funny thing is you caught me on a day when to be honest I wasn’t at my best, I think I attempted to avoid every single person…but I couldn’t do it to you, when I say guilt licked me?

Most of our conversations were always about school, GCSE’s, A-levels, work (OH DEAR! We sound like couple of old Granny’s!) Naye mind! 😉 I remember me saying to you, I will inbox you to see how you are getting on at Sixth Form when you start and then you said you will do the same when I started my new course in London …but we never got to have that conversation. Which goes back to what I said earlier…“Never presume that there will always be a ‘next time’.

I intend to support the foundation by making time to attend events coming up in the near future and also informing and promoting the work of the foundation to others in order to raise awareness and enhance its profile.

I believe the foundation will benefit others in the community by changing mind-sets and overall attitudes towards life and enabling them to gain a more positive perspective so they can implement beneficial changes that will encourage them to move forward.

I would just like to leave you with this…when I read it I thought of you J

The premature passing of the virtuous woman

Key Message:

The virtuous woman, though she die before her time, will find rest.

Length of days is not what makes age honourable,

Nor number of years the true measure of life;

Understanding, this is man’s grey hairs,

Untarnished life, this is ripe old age.’

When I read this I instantly thought of Chanel, to me she was a virtuous young lady, pure, Godly and striving towards perfection in Christ. She was absolutely beautiful from the inside and out. Even though she went to Heaven quite early, I truly believe that she is now at rest.


Chanel was carried off so that evil may not warp her understanding or treachery seduce her soul’,

Whirlwind of desire corrupts a simple heart,

Coming to perfection in so short a while, she achieved long life;

Her soul being pleasing to the Lord

Yahweh has taken her quickly from the wickedness around her,

Yet people look on, uncomprehending;

It does not enter their heads

That grace and mercy await the chosen of the Lord

And protection his holy ones

The Lord has so much more in store for Chanel

She has been taken to safety’

Have fun in Heaven Plum and don’t give God a headache with that laugh!

Love Yahh Long Time Hunny Bun

Mwaaah xxxx

Tee ❤


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