Knowing Chanel Lee

Music was one of Chanel's many passions

I had seen Chanel on various occasions with other youth that I had the pleasure of working with, initially to me Chanel seemed a quiet shy sort of girl, in October 2009 I delivered a music workshop called “Sistagurl” Chanel was one of my students, that is when I got to know her a little better.   Chanel was not the shy quiet girl I had thought but a deep thinking, fun, lively person who would say what she thought (sometimes without even fully processing it before saying it) I found that really funny, Chanel  was real and I liked that about her I don’t think she even realised how comical she was by just being herself.

Chanel had a passion to sing and flourished whenever she sang, I am thankful that I had the opportunity to meet and engage with Chanel as she taught me something also which was “don’t take life so seriously, chill out sometimes and just laugh”.  A bright beautiful flower that shall always be remembered by me, thank you Chanel for your joy and laughter, thank you Deborah and Glen for allowing your daughter to be a part of my life for that time. 

Tee – Youth & Music Project Facilitator 


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