Dying for a Cause

Just over a week ago we heard the tragic news of 30-year old Claire Squires who collapsed and died running the London Marathon in an effort to raise money for her chosen Charity, the Samaritans. In just over week the amount of money raised in aid of Claire’s charity has topped £1 million and counting, surpassing her intended goal of just £500 more than 2000 times over. 

Running a marathon is said to be one of the most physically demanding challenges one can exert upon the human body and the last few miles are a real test of endurance and staying power. Claire’s determination to complete the course she had embarked and meet her goal,  meant she was willing to give it all that she had and ultimately this led to her sad and untimely death.

Life is much like running a marathon and living a full and purpose filled life is about having the ambition, courage and staying power that this young lady has and because of her efforts and commitments to this cause, her legacy will live on helping many people through the work of the Samaritans Charity.

Much like Claire, 16-year old Chanel Lee Easy went to sleep on 2nd October 2011 at the pinnacle of her own life long marathon. Her ambitions and dreams were to build confidence, self-esteem and creativity within her peers, children and young people to help them reach their full potential. Chanel left a legacy of proposals and plans for her initiatives, including fundraising and through this foundation these dreams and ambitions will be realised.

Claire and Chanel never knew that their time would come to an end so soon, but the both clearly knew what they were living for. It is now up to us to take the baton drawing strength from their inspirational lives.

Our condolenses go out to the family and friends of Claire Squires.


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