Have you experienced a loss by sudden death?

Did you and your family have counselling and support emotionally and psychologically?

If not, would you like the opportunity to have some counselling sessions offered courtesy of the Chanel Lee Smile Foundation?

By family we mean mother and or father with other immediate family members who are affected by the loss especially of a child.

The sessions will be with a qualified Counselling Psychotherapist with 18 over year’s experience, and is also an active supporter of the Foundation.

If you would want to access this support then please email chanelleesmile@gmail.com as soon as possible we are able to offer this specific service to two families immediately. Don’t wait this offer is time limited call within the next 7 days.

The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation is pleased to announce the following progress of the foundation

The foundation will be preparing for the Official launch which will now take place on the 28th July 2012. This will be the official launch date and we welcome any sponsors who are interested in supporting this event. Please drop us a line atchanelleesmile@gmail.com. Further information will be available shortly.

The foundation will be setting up vocal workshops to facilitate artistic development in September 2012, interested email us at chanelleesmile@gmail.com 


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