Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation Update

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Above you can see some recent press clippings from the Sutton Observer. This is a testament to the work that the Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation has done throughout 2012.

The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2013.

We would like to ‘Thank you’ for supporting ‘The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation’ throughout 2012 and we look forward to sharing more updates on the progress of the foundation this year..
2012 – The foundation has celebrated Yellow Smile Day in May, The Official Launch in July, alongside a number of projects which have been successful. The CLSF remains committed to meeting the remit of the foundations goals
2013 – We will be working and making further improvements to the foundation. We aim to be transparent in delivery, working in partnership with a number of organisations. We ask for your continued support in changing the lives of young people wishing to fulfil their potential and families who have experienced bereavement.
Chanel Lee Easy has and will continue to influence the lives of many. Whilst memories may fail, the foundation will remain committed and dedicated to meeting the wishes and dreams of Chanel Lee Chante Easy in the forthcoming year and beyond. May her sweet soul RIP.
Gone, but will never be forgotten