Interview with Ellison Porter @ellisonporter

As part of our Yellow Smile Day activities and going forward we are profiling some amazing young people and celebrating their achievements. So without further ado, meet Ellison Porter.


At 19-years-old Ellison Porter  is a talented music artist, the founder of EVP Talent Management and a professional model who has worked with some of the industry’s most internationally renowned brands such as Calvin Klein.


In October 2012, Ellison was awarded the ‘Chanel-Lee Smile Award’ at the 4th annual Celebrating Youth Excellence Awards . Mr Porter has shown a sense of compassion and empathy for others in in his community as well as making a positive impact and being a good influence in people’s lives. Let’s take a look at where his talents have taken him so far…

What does EVP Talent Management comprise of?

Well as of recent, I’m just in the middle of a total rebuild and looking for smaller groups of talent I can work closer with. It’s all about building a start to someone’s career and helping them progress in stages I’ve already been through to make them progress, as a friend, teacher and manager.

You record as well as produce your own music, how does it feel to be the creative director of your own work?

It’s very difficult because you’re always thinking you can do better. You spend a lot of time recording audios that you got right the first, second and even third time! It feels great when you hear your hard work in a night club though!

How did it feel to be presented with the ‘Chanel-Lee Smile Award’ and what did the overall experience mean to you?

I didn’t personally know Chanel, but I know a few close friends of hers and hearing about her characteristics and her morals – she’s an inspiration. To me an award in her legacy is the best type of award to win and I am very proud.

How important do you believe it is to show compassion for others in the community?

Your community is what defines you no matter what you think. It is what sculpts your personality and aura. So I think it’s great to give back to the community.

Do you think Birmingham is a city that caters well to the creative arts of the music scene?

Well London is massive in terms of music but Birmingham has its talents as well, to me there just as strong as each other.

What are three pieces of advice that you would offer to aspiring music artists?

Just three words – dedication, work-rate and perseverance

Yellow smile day will be held on the 22nd may 2013. The Chanel lee smile foundation will be using this day to look at the life, dreams, and vision of Chanel lee and pay attention to ‘the arts’ across the west midlands. What do you consider to be value of participation in the arts?

It’s a great to be involved in the arts and its perfect to be a part of something that you love and that you think about every day of your life.

For more information about Ellison Porter, visit

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