The life, soul, beauty and extraordinaire of Chanel Lee Easy will continue to live on throughout future generations. Her life can be told in many different formats, by many different people and has impacted the community at large. Her home going service which took place on the 27th October 2011 was a true testament of her journey and how she will be missed by so many people she has touched in her lifetime.

What is the Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation?

The Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation has been set up following the untimely death of Chanel-Lee on the 2nd October 2011. At approx. 9.30pm on the night before her death, Chanel and I enjoyed an evening of intimate discussion and laughter. During this time Chanel-lee spoke to me about her vision for helping people and how she was driven to help her community. She spoke with such passion and conviction about her desire to help children and young people in fulfilling their potential for several hours, also completing an action plan for the preceding week highlighting actions she wished to complete. Three weeks following her death I decided to look at these plans along with numerous business plans that Chanel-lee completed in 2011 and decided to start this foundation to honor the wishes of my daughter.

The foundation seeks to honour the life, creativity, vision and aspirations of the late Chanel Lee.  I feel an enormous level of pain and distress about my daughters passing and to be frank ‘I am still in disbelief’, but I also feel a sense of duty to act on Chanel’s behalf in promoting her values, dreams and genuine desire to help others. I am hoping that the foundation will honour her vision and what I would describe as Chanel-lee’s last will and testament. Chanel was passionate about helping people and giving back and it is with this bone in mind that we want to establish a foundation to embrace change.

The smile that Chanel exemplified, which was infectious to many is the ‘Smile’ the Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation would like to use as a metaphor for change. We want that smile to be remembered through others by helping others to make life changes. Our aim is to help individuals and communities. The foundation seeks to promote leadership potential in children and young people and we are hoping to pull on the resources of young people for our volunteering scheme in achieving our outcome. The foundation also wants to give back to families who need support by organising networking groups to support many who are faced with the sudden death of a child.

Chanel-lee will be remembered most for her smile and beautiful personality. “Her smile was the essence of her beauty. Her smile represented the warmth of her soul. We trust that the foundation will celebrate her life by achieving her wishes and working to promote and encourage others to smile.

Deborah Lee – Founder/ Managing Director Chanel- Lee Smile Foundation
The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation
Private Company Limited by Guarantee
Company Number 08075980

The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation ©copyright 2012


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Chanel-lee smile foundation
    I know that this has been a challenging and painful but rewarding journey for you Deborah. Chanel-lee would be so proud of all you have accomplished to bring her dreams and her vision to life Deborah; I know you have worked tirelessly night and day. She has left a legacy that will live on to honour her memory, our Angel. I believe that the vision and ethos of this foundation will be the catalyst for changing and transforming the lives of so many. God has commissioned you to bring this to life and He will give you all the strength you need to see this through. You are an amazing woman, what you have accomplished is truly awesome and inspirational. I am so proud of you and truly honoured to be a part of this vision. Still missing my angel so much but her legacy and smile lives on in all who came to know her.

    Love always
    Your sis
    Lorraine xxx

  2. Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation

    Chanel-Lee was on a mission, she quickly achieved her goals and left a legacy for us to further.

    Deborah, as you continue this mission, may you feel our love and support to achieve the other goals Chanel-Lee left in her instructions.

    Peace & Love

    Novelette xxx

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