Lions Den Competition 2013

Important Update: Lions Den Competition 2013 – Application Deadline Extended to 28th April 2013
United in Building Legacy (UBL) and LOUD, are pleased to announce that we have extended the entry deadline for the Lions Den competition to 28th April 2013.
So if you are:
  • Aged 16-30 (or know someone who is);
  • Have a great business idea or wish to develop your existing business; and
  • Fancy the chance to win £10,000 in business support (including £2,000 cash),
head over to our new blog  dedicated to the Enterprise Academy at to find out more and download an application form. At our blog site you can also learn more about our Enterprise and Employment Division and see pictures and updates from our first Enterprise Night which took place on 14th March 2013. 
To stay up to date with the latest UBL information, events and more, connect with us via our social networks details below:
We look forward to receiving your applications and seeing you at the event

Opportunity: Cannon Hill Lectures


Are you 16-24 years old, looking to develop your creative career?

The Cannon Hill Lecture series is coming up at Mac Birmingham, starting next week Tuesday 30th April. The sessions will de-mystify the creative and cultural sector to help you find your career path within it whether as an employee, freelancer or as an entrepreneur.

Topics include an overview of the Creative & Cultural Sector, Portrait Photography, Tips for a Creative Career, Think Like an Artist, Act like a boss, Collaborating, Networking, Funding, Social Media, personal branding and much more.

The Lectures are completely free but limited to reserve your place, visit Sales and Information at MacBirmingham or call Sales & Information on 0121 446 3232

Visit for further details of the lectures.

Yellow Smile Day 2013 | Get Involved

Yellow Smile Day 2012 Report-1Last year the Chanel Lee Smile Foundation launched Yellow Smile Day to commemorate the birthday of Chanel Lee Easy who passed away on the 2nd October 2011.
Yellow Smile Day took place on the 22nd May 2012, the date of Chanel’s birth. The day was used to draw reference to the beauty, creativity and life of Chanel Lee Easy.
This year, The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation is taking further steps towards having Yellow Smile Day recognised as a national day for recognising the arts of any expression and to promote happiness and contentment. To help us reach this goal., we would like to encourage and empower any supporters of the Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation to recognise Yellow Smile Day by hosting your own activities or events especially local artists and creatives.
The CLSF would also like to offer all schools, colleges, an opportunity to be involved with Yellow Smile Day and offer any creative ideas.
Example of activities you could do for Yellow Smile Day.
  • Wear an item of yellow for the day
  • Arrange a non school uniform wear yellow day at your school.
  • Organise a Yellow Balloon release with a group of friends/family
  • Display the official Yellow Smile Day graphic on your Facebook page/Twitter account and encourage your friends to do so.
  • Plan to attend a local arts event your friends/family
  • Prepare a video of you performing and sharing your musical or creative talent and upload it to YouTube.
  • Organise an event or concert with your school or college to commemorate Yellow Smile day.
  • Make someone smile
  • Fund raise for the Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation.
The Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation would like to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in Yellow Smile Day activities. The Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation will publicise your efforts through our website and social media as well as local press.
All activities must take place on Wednesday 22nd May 2013.
So if you would like to get involved or please email us at along with a paragraph about what you would like to do and we will provide you with further guidelines and information..
If you would like to organise an event or concert at your school or college, the deadlines for proposals is Thursday 25th April 2013.
Do you have any pictures taken last year on Yellow Smile Day 2012; we would love to hear from you.  Post them on our site or contact

Announcement: Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation Official Launch REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

Eight and a half difficult months since the passing of Chanel-Lee, The Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation is making preparations for the official launch of the charity established to pursue her honourable dreams and ambitions.

The foundation was officially registered as a company days before Yellow Smile day and Saturday 28th July 2012 will see the official launch of the foundation at the mac arts centre in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham.

The event aims provide a clearer picture of the projects and initiatives that the Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation has in the pipeline and how they will benefit the local community.

This will be your opportunity to officially support the Foundation as well as be entertained and network within a creative community. So come along in your numbers.

Our registration page is now open and there are a limited number of spaces available so follow the link below to reserve your place.

Have you experienced a loss by sudden death?

Did you and your family have counselling and support emotionally and psychologically?

If not, would you like the opportunity to have some counselling sessions offered courtesy of the Chanel Lee Smile Foundation?

By family we mean mother and or father with other immediate family members who are affected by the loss especially of a child.

The sessions will be with a qualified Counselling Psychotherapist with 18 over year’s experience, and is also an active supporter of the Foundation.

If you would want to access this support then please email as soon as possible we are able to offer this specific service to two families immediately. Don’t wait this offer is time limited call within the next 7 days.

The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation is pleased to announce the following progress of the foundation

The foundation will be preparing for the Official launch which will now take place on the 28th July 2012. This will be the official launch date and we welcome any sponsors who are interested in supporting this event. Please drop us a line Further information will be available shortly.

The foundation will be setting up vocal workshops to facilitate artistic development in September 2012, interested email us at 

What is Yellow Smile Day?


‘A smile can make a difference – ‘On it like a car bonnet’

The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation would like to celebrate the forthcoming birthday of the late Chanel Lee Easy on the 22nd May 2012 by drawing reference to her life, her artistic talent and exploring her dreams. This day will be called ‘Yellow Smile Day’

Yellow Smile Day will also focus on the promotion of local talent and creativity in local schools and in the community. The foundation will look at building awareness on how arts can be used to develop confidence and self-esteem. The proposed plans for this event will take place on Chanel-Lee’s birthday each year to commemorate Chanel-lee’s vision. We want to shape the profile of arts across the West Midlands and raise awareness as part of the political agenda.

This year, The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation will be working with nominated schools and local churches to promote this cause, however we would like to invite members of the community or if you are part of a school/college and wish to participate or wish to make a contribution in aid of ‘Yellow Smile Day’ to liaise with your school/local churches and email the Chanel Lee Smile Foundation with your ideas.  The email address is displayed below.




Introducing Yellow Smile Day

Hey everyone. We’ve been quiet for a while but not for a lack of activity, we have been busy working on plans for the development of the Chanel Lee Smile Foundation and we can now formally introduce to you our first date for your diaries – Yellow Smile Day. This will be a day set up to commemorate Chanel Lee’s life through a series of events taking place at different participating schools across the West Midland’s Region. On Tuesday May 22nd 2012 which was Chanel’s birthday. Check out our trailer below produced by Aaliyah-Jay Allen one of our volunteers. Enjoy and stay tuned for more information.