Mission Statement

The foundation operates a governance document which sets out clear accountability and transparency for all working to promote the values and objectives of the charity. We hope that this will reinforce our commitment to the foundation. The foundation will endeavour to work to standards to ensure legal compliancy and is hoping to gain recognition as a leading charity in line with it’s expansion in the next five years.

Our Aims & Objectives at a glance:

    • To offer a range of community activities to aid the prevention of social isolation, crime and build postive services for the developement of individuals. The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation will provide schemes of activities across the West Midlands and will work in partnership with multi-agencies to provide relief to individuals/families needing assistance in this area.
    • To recognise, document and acknowledge the work of, strong role models that exist within our communities, to enable young people to grow and develop into strong minded confident adults.
    • To provide confidence and self esteem building for children, young men and women (up to the age of 21)
    • To help increase educational advancement and realising potential for children aged (8 – 16)
    • The development of youth advocacy services and support for young men and women
    • To provide seed funding to enable the realisation of community initiatives, to build the vocal and musical talent of young people and build there talent skill base.
    • To support the provision of mentorship programmes for young people in need of support.
    • To provide support to parents who have experienced sudden death and need support in liaising with professional organisations.
    • The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation ©copyright 2012


One thought on “Mission Statement

  1. This seems to be a well worth while cause keep up the good work, hope it all goes well. God bless u all. Thw future is looking bright

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