Who is Chanel- Lee?

Chanel- Lee Chante Easy entered the world on Monday the 22nd May 1995 born to proud parents De-borah Lee and Glenton Easy.

Chanel-Lee attended Whitecrest Primary School in the West Midlands and then on to High Clare School at the Abbey in Erdington Birmingham to complete her Secondary Education. She would often speak very fondly and highly of her teachers and fellow pupils.

Chanel-lee attended Arthur Terry Sixth form Academy for the last three weeks of her life and was delighted to have passed the admissions criteria. Within two days of joining the school Chanel-lee settled into her new surroundings with comfort and ease. Again she would speak highly of new friends, the environment and the teaching team.

Chanel- lee was very ambitious, focused and determined to make it. Again, determined to make her mark on the world; she completed her very own business plans and was hoping to pursue self-employment alongside her studies. Chanel-Lee expressed her wish to study Law and completed her work experience in August 2011 working alongside a Barrister at Walsall City Council.

Chanel also attended Stage Coach and Birmingham Repertory Theatre during her childhood always keen to make the most of her creative talent.Gifted, talented and beautiful, Chanel-Lee would use her creativity to write songs, play music and sing. Chanel had a love for dancing from childhood, she received awards in tap dancing at Walsall Academy.

Humour, smiles and laughter formed Chanel’s strongest qualities. She would always wear a smile and was known for her infectious laughter. Chanel-Lee surrounded herself with people who would make her laugh, smile, reflect and be herself. Her methodology on the world combined with her faith was transparent and simple ‘God loves everyone’. These are the values that form the philosophy of the Chanel-Lee Smile Foundation.

Chanel-lee would spend hours on the phone talking with friends and encouraging many in different areas of their life, she would often mentor young children and give them advice on being confident with themselves. Mind-set was of the great importance to Chanel.

Chanel-lee Chante Easy went to sleep on Sunday 2nd October 2011. We conclude, Chanel-lee was placed here as a beacon of love and hope. Her life and legacy has impacted many. The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation marks the official celebration of her short but inspirational life.

The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation ©copyright 2012


3 thoughts on “Who is Chanel- Lee?

    • Nice to hear from you Sophie. We are glad that you enjoyed Yellow Smile Day and we thankyou for helping to make this day as special as it was. Please look out for further updates on the foundation and thanks again

      The Chanel Lee Smile Foundation

  1. I attended the official launch of The Chanel Lee Foundation yesterday, held at the mac in birmingham yesterday, you touched my heart and inspired me at the same time, it was also encouragement for my son as he lacks confidence, this was received by the words and performances.
    In life we go through so much, and sometimes the people who are so dear to us are not the ones we can lean on but to lean on our lord for guidance support for love and direction, chanel-lee may not be here physically but her spirit is still here, and she still continues to live through her mum her family and her friends and she still continues to touch other peoples lives for that reason her life still carry’s on, stay blessed as a familyx

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